Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lunch with Friends

Kathy & Chuck pulled out Sunday morning. Kevin & I spent our usual lazy Sunday, watching football. 

Monday got some laundry done and then I felt like exploring some stores. So after lunch, I headed out on my own. I had some fun, but with so little space, there is little I can buy..

Tuesday, I got an early start to getting  paper work done. It was a beautiful day so after some lunch, I headed to the beach with my book in hand.  I loved it. Even took a nice walk. There were at least 30 workers patrolling the beach looking for oil. I have heard they are finding oil on the beautiful beaches in Pensacola. Very sad..

Wednesday, we got an early start. We headed in the direction of Pensacola. We were meeting Donna and Nolan for lunch.. On our way we stopped at the small Camping World.  We really didn’t need anything inparticular but we always HAVE to stop..  We also made a stop at a Walmart. 

When we arrived at our chosen meeting spot Crabs, they were closed. They don’t open until 4pm. I had made a call ahead of time, to check on this. The recording was long and said they are open for lunch and dinner….WELL……..they weren’t!!!!! I was disappointed because I love the she crab soup and always make a point of eating here when in the area.  I immediately texted Donna and told her to meet us across the street at Flounders.

Florida Nov 2010 005

Kevin and Nolan

Florida Nov 2010 003

Donna and I

Florida Nov 2010 004

It was so good to see both of them again.

We enjoyed our lunch, and the time flew by much to quickly.  Seemed like we talked travel the whole time!  Funny how these friends, we meet in this lifestyle, seem like we have known them forever.  We sure hope to meet up again soon.

Our drive back home through Destin…

Florida Nov 2010 007Florida Nov 2010 010  Florida Nov 2010 017

Florida Nov 2010 018

Thursday was Veterans Day and back to work for us.  It was much busier this week. Alot more campers had arrived.  I rented several bikes, sold ice and firewood.  When we got through work, we headed to Applebees for dinner. It was crowded but we got seated right away.  Veterans get complimentary dinners. They let them choose from 7 entrees.  By the time we left, the line was out the door.  There are alot of military in this area.  Such a nice gesture for them to do. So many Veterans never got the thanks they should have, including Kevin when he got back from Viet Nam. It makes him feel good when things like this happen.

Friday and Saturday more work days. We kept fairly busy.  Now we are off for 6 days.  I’m not minding this store gig, but Kevin is very itchy and would rather be doing other things. 

Not sure what’s in store for the next week but I’m sure we will find something to do with ourselves. Just hope this fantastic weather continues.



Gypsy said...

My daughter and s-i-l are watching a TV series on DVD about WWII. We talked a bit about that and Vietnam, where my brother was for a short time. It is amazing at how little they have been taught about either of those wars, but then I guess enough time has passed now to give them both a bit of perspective. I'm just glad they are interested. Donald's dad served 3 tours in Vietnam, but evidently he didn't talk much to the kids about it - which is understandable.

I agree that it is a good thing to see businesses offering perks to the vets.

Anonymous said...

So Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. I sure hope we get to visit with Donna and Nolan this winter. Are you two staying in Florida for the winter or are you coming to the Desert with the rest of the Gang? I really want to see you guys again soon.

Take Care
Brenda Brown

Mark and Dortha said...

Sorry you missed out on the she crab soup. That is one of my facorites too.

Glad you had a great visit with Donna and Nolan. Gosh...can you believe how many friends we have made in just the last few years. I think we have more close friends now than we have had all our life!

Take care and enjoy that beautiful beach!