Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mexico and Friends

Last Friday was our planned trip to Mexico. We had plans to meet up with Ginger & Jesse, who were also in Yuma. Mac & Netters stopped along the way to have them follow us across the California line and then into Algodones, Mexico.   We parked and walked easily into the busy streets, lined with vendors, dentists, optical and drug stores. I had lined up an appointment to have my free eye exam. I have never worn prescription glasses and I know it’s time. Karen and Lynette accompanied me. I had asked Lynette to come along, because I know nothing about script glasses and she does from working in an opthomologist office. Once the exam was over and I was quoted a price, she asked lots of questions and the decision was made to leave without a purchase. She didn’t think the quality of lenses that they use was good enough.  We headed to meet up with everyone else and we all headed for drinks and lunch in the outside cafe area.  After eating and drinking, we shopped a bit. Lynette and I picked out some pretty glass inserts for our RV door windows.

This is the one we purchased and inserted…

Arizona 2011 013

Arizona 2011 014

Kevin and I looked around for a dentist office that we were referred to and never did find, purchased some EVOO and some booze and then headed to the exit. We waited 40 minutes in line to go through immigration.  Heading back home we stopped at a casino. Everyone came out a winner but me!

We spent a fairly quiet weekend, the highlight being football Sunday, even though our Patriots got kicked out last week.  We both like Green Bay and were cheering them on.

Monday, we were having a happy hour here at our place. We had invited Jesse and Ginger, and had just found out that Jo and Fred Wishnie were in the area, so asked them to join  us.  It was neat to see these folks again. We got caught up on where everyone has been and where everyone is heading.  All couples  brought yummy food to share and Mac cooked up fajita’s. Yummm…  When the sun went down and it cooled off, we retreated to our clubhouse, the garage!

Arizona 2011 002

Arizona 2011 005

Arizona 2011 003

Arizona 2011 007

Arizona 2011 006

Arizona 2011 012


Phyllis has another get together planned for today, so we are in for more fun!!!!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohh that window would match VERY well with the blues on MY rig!


Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Leno said...

Yes, it would Karen, lol..

squawmama said...

LOVE your new stain glass window.... Looks like you guys had a great time meeting up with everyone... Thought I had you on my favorite blog list but didn't... you are now ☺
Have fun & Travel Safe

Gypsy's Tales said...

Love your stained glass window - Great colors
Hugs Barb & Bob