Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Area

We have just been hanging out relaxing the last few days. Lots of places to go but the fuel prices are putting an impact on that.


  We did want to take the drive on Hwy 1 around Big Sur, but part of the road is closed, due to a slide several weeks ago.

Today we decided to get out. It is in the 60’s and by the time we headed out the sun was shining and it was a great day.  Before we left, these turkey’s were hanging outside  our home…..

Morgan Hill, Ca 006

Morgan Hill, Ca 011

Our campground… Only 30amp and no sewer but they do have a honey wagon several times a week for $15.



In this area we are surrounded by vineyards. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my friends here with me to go tasting with.. sob

This one is directly next door to our campground….



They also grow lots of garlic in the area…and you can smell it…. They even serve garlic ice cream, yuck..


We drove over to San Jose and had lunch at Five Guys.. We love their burgers and fries. That will do us for the day.

Tomorrow’s plan, weather permitting, is to go to Oakland and see our Red Sox play ball.  Stay tuned for that update….

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Garlic ice cream-that seems like cruel and unusual punishment.