Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking Forward....

Well, now that August is all most over, I am getting in the fall mode. We will be going back to workcamp for the month of October at Topsail Hill in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. It is in the Destin area. We just love it there.. We are beach people. I think there is nothing better than sitting on the beach and reading a good book. I have attached (hopefully) some pictures that were taken last year while working there. Several people have asked me what our duties were. As you can see, we drove the shuttle to the beach, cleaned off sites and walkways, drove thru the preserve looking for trash. I also worked in the office. We really enjoyed our stay and the great people we got to meet. This is a Florida State park and we had to put in 27 hrs a week per couple in exchange for a great site. This year the hours have gone up to 30 per couple.

I have been working alot this week, someone on vacation. I get to cook the typical grill food for the golfers. Its not too bad considering I didnt work that much last week. We got rained out. Kevin has been golfing this week after missing it last week because of rain. We also havent had to babysit much these last few weeks but that is about to change. We will get our share of that coming up soon. School has started here so my oldest 6yr old grandson is in school and that helps during the day.
Weather here hot again after the rain cooling it down last week..... Off to prepare supper and hope to be on chat this evening.

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