Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Unexpected Vacation

Well, we had an invitation we couldnt refuse. Our daughter had rented two timeshares in Orlando for themselves and another family. When the other family backed out, they were left with this 2 bedroom timeshare. Oh my, what shall they do with it... How about offering it to mom and dad. We accepted without hesitation and due to the fact that it doesnt cost us to fly, added to this adventure. Of course we knew we would be expected to do a little babysitting as an expression of thanks. We don't mind, as long as it isnt everyday.
Friday was a day of checking in and stocking up on some grocery's.
Saturday and Sunday all run together in my mind. I know we did some pool time and watched the baby while dd, sil and 4 and 6 yr old went to Universal Studios. Oh and Sunday night we went to our favorite place to eat in this area in Celebration. It is the Town Tavern. They are from Boston as we are and we got to have our seafood that we miss so much. I had clam chowder and a clam roll and hubby had seafood platter. Yummmmmmm. We may go back...
Monday was a fun day. We took our 4yr old grandson and went over to Ft Wilderness (disneys campground) I love it there. They have been doing some revamping so it isnt as lush as it usually is but I'm sure it will grow back. They are redoing some of the sites to make them larger.
They are also going to do over the pool area. From there, we took the boat over to the Contemporary Hotel and jumped on the monorail. We got to ride up front with the conductor. Logan got copilot license and wings for helping. We played some games at the game room and then returned to the Fort by boat. It was a great day and nice to have one on one time with him.
Today we took the baby almost 1 yr, to Downtown Disney. Had lunch at Earl of Sandwich where we always have a great sandwich while visiting here. Also checked out the Thousand Trails campground where we have a membership and it is our home preserve. Not sure what is in store for tonight but probably head out to dinner somewhere.
We started coming to Orlando in 79 with our kids. I have lost count as to how many times we have come back. I enjoy the excitement of Disney even if we don't go into the parks. I love to roam around the hotels, downtown disney or the campground. We usually do the parks when it is cooler and off season. We plan on camping at Ft. W. in January so will probably see them again then.

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Jim and Dee said...

We'll be spending a lot of time in Fla too when we get on the road. I hope to meet up with you when we do. What a fun place (Disney World).