Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walking and Eating Our Way Thru Vegas

Oh boy, are we tired. We have spent three straight days touring alot of the hotels here in Vegas.
I can't even remember what day we did what, they all run together. Tuesday evening we had dinner at Ellis Island. I had read reviews of the restaurant on Tripadvisor and wanted to try it.
We both had the shrimp and steak dinner for $10.95. It was very good. We gambled a little there and then headed back to the hotel. Chatted for a while. Yesterday was Kevins 60th birthday. We once again had a full day. We visited Planet Hollywood, this is a new one for us.
We loved the atmosphere at this casino but didnt have much luck. They have Earl of Sandwich, which we always visit in Dowtown Disney while in Orlando, we love their food so had a breakfast sandwich. We bought the bus pass and travelled around the strip. Kevin wanted italian food for his birthday dinner so we headed to Battista's and had a great veal parm dinner. Some more casino play and then back to the hotel. I tried getting on chat but got kicked off a few times.
Today we went to TT campground to check on the trailer. All was okay there. We then headed to Ethel M Chocolate Factory. We walked thru the tour but there was nothing really happening today. Had a few samples of candy, did a little shopping for the gkids in the m&m store. We had been given coupons for the dinner buffet at the Wynn. I have wanted to see this hotel so we took the bus down there late afternoon. It is simply beautiful. I lost playing black jack right away. It was the first bad day I had since we have been here. Kevin on the other hand did pretty good. It was the first day he came out ahead. We went to the dinner buffet with our coupons worth $33 each and boy oh boy what a dinner. Our favorites were the large cracked crab legs, yum. The shrimp were huge and delicious and just about everything else you could think of. Of course we ate too much. Back to the tables for a little more black jack. This time, I won back the money I lost earlier. I played slots here for quite a while but didnt come out ahead. Had a great time though and just loved this hotel. Again boarded the bus back to our hotel.
We have had a great time but I think I am just about over Vegas and the casino scene. We have been at it for six days now. That is too long for Vegas. We have walked our feet off as anyone who has been to Vegas understands. Everything is just so spread out that is takes forever to get anywhere. Even taking the bus, when you get off you have to walk such a distance to get to a hotel. I'm sure the exercise was good for us after eating those great meals. We did stick to just one big meal a day though. We still have two free buffet meals left for the Stratosphere so we may just hop the bus in the morning and head for breakfast. I also think we will check out tomorrow a day early and head back to the rv park and get packed up to leave early Friday morning. We have a long drive ahead.....

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