Saturday, December 6, 2008

What A Day

The drill sargeant had me up again and pulling out about 6am. All was well until we ran out of gas... We had 5 miles to the next station, but didnt make it. We have been filling the tank at half full but this was a long stretch of nothing on the highway. We went into one station but they were closed so were keeping our fingers crossed that we would make it to the next stop. Well, we didn't. Called AAA and they sent someone after 45 min. They gave us 7 gallons and we stopped at the next stop to fill up. Our fault on this one.. About an hour later we hear a loud thump. Stopped to check things out and guess what, another blowout on the tt, this time on the passenger side. Called AAA again and after 1hr they sent the same guy to fix it. We now have no spare. We only had about 80 miles to get to Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville, where we had decided to stay for the night. We finally made it here.. This is the place some of us RV Dreamers are going to gather in March. I walked around the park and took some pictures. Below are just a few. The site we will have has the coach in it now and the one next to it that is empty will be Jenny's. This is a really nice RV Park and I am looking forward to spending two weeks here in the spring. Hopefully I can get Kevin to continue with this type of travel after two blowouts, a blown wheel bearing and running out of gas, for this trip. For now, we are relaxing and watching football.


Debbie and Rod said...

Dang Arlene, I'm so sorry for your bad luck on this trip. At least most of it was fun. I'm just sorry I wasn't around to feed you again.


Mark and Dortha said...

Hey girl...what a trip! Glad you are safe and that is all that matters. All the rest of that stuff takes care of itself.

Isn't Buckhorn nice! We just love going there. We are all going to have so much fun in the Spring.

Safe travels for the rest of your trip.