Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home from Boston and To This Heat

Well a week ago today I returned from my trip to Boston. What a great little get away. I left Houston Wednesday morning at 7:15.. Got upgraded to First Class, which makes such a difference in flying. I was served a nice breakfast and watched a movie. Before long, I was flying over familiar territory. My daughter and my 20 mos old grandson accompanied me on this trip, however they flew in coach due to the 20mos old. We promptly rented a car and started on our way. We didnt get too far when bam, we got slammed into from behind. I pulled into a hotel parking lot, assuming the car that hit me would follow. Well, guess what, they didnt. A police officer was accross the street and he came rushing over. Luckily while we inspected the car there didnt seem to be any damage. We were all quite amazed. It was sure a lucky thing since the person that hit us hadn't stopped. What a pain that would have been with a rental and all the paper work.. We continued on our way. Spent the three days visiting family and friends. I didnt get much sleep but it was sure worth it. We also enjoyed the cooler temps, although we had rain. They sure are getting alot of wet weather there.. We arrived back in Houston to the horrid heat on the weekend. Since then we have had five days in the 100's.. It is really bad. I have worked three days and the air conditioner at the golf course hasnt been working well, so the temps inside in the 90's.
Kevin and I did go out on Wednesday and purchased ourselves a vucube satellite system. Of course we don't have a clue how to connect it. We had planned to take the trailer up to Lake Conroe this weekend but because of this severe heat we opted out of it. We have a feeling we may have a wiring problem in the RV and may not get it to work. We have had several people try to help us connect to satellite with our portable dish and never have connected. The salesman told us it is possible that the wiring was never connected properly. Soooo, we shall see. I guess if we can't get it working we will have to bite the bullet and bring it into a dealership and pay the $90. per hr to have them look it over. Wish we knew where else to go but we don't.
In the meantime we are hanging in the house trying to stay cool. We take a few dips in the pool but the water is getting warm and it isnt that refreshing. I have been spending too much time on this computer farming and fishing!!!!
Looking forward to cooler temps this week.. Ya, they say 98!!

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FD5 said...

Try hooking directly into the receiver, if that works then you know it is in the trailer wiring.

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