Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Busy Week

We finished our week up at Ft Desoto with pretty nice weather. I had my girlfriends over for lunch one day and then on Sunday, our last day we had several friends over to enjoy their company before leaving.  We had a great time..

Florida 2010 026

We had noticed a  leak  under our fiver on two separate occasions the last few time we pulled out of a campground. I spoke with Heartland and they referred me to a dealer outside of Tampa. They were good enough to squeeze us in on Monday, the day we were leaving Ft. Desoto.  They did however say we would have to leave it for several days. We have a timeshare in Orlando, which was our destination, so we cancelled our campground reservations and went ahead and reserved the timeshare.  We were meeting up with our daughter Kim and her family for a Disney vacation.  They were staying at the Beach Club on disney property.  All went as planned and we are on day two. Today was our oldest grandson’s 8th birthday.

Florida 2010 013

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY

We had planned on Animal Kingdom for today but he was sick all night and we thought walking around the park wouldn’t be the best thing for him today so we hung around the pool and then had reservations for

Florida 2010 006

T-REX for dinner.  What an awesome place. Florida 2010 011 

It is loaded with all kinds of dinosaurs with all the noises.  It was a bit much for the 2 year old though so we didn’t quite get to stay for dinner. After drinks we had to leave. It was okay with Joey because he still got to explore and see everything inside.  After grabbing dinner somewhere else we headed to Beaches and Cream for a little ice cream to celebrate the birthday!Florida 2010 016

Florida 2010 017

The Kitchen Sink……It had 5 different kinds of ice cream and all the toppings.. It fed the seven of us just fine..Florida 2010 019


Turned out to be another great day with the grandkids!

We talked with the RV dealer and they can’t find the leak. They have filled the pump and run everything and they just can’t find anything.  They are also waiting on a part for the pilot starter for the stove.  Sooo, we don’t know where all the water came from and the underbelly definately had a bulge from the holding water. Guess this is just part of the RV lifestyle. 

We have hopes of leaving on Friday although we do have the timeshare until Saturday. We shall see!!  We have quite a drive ahead of us, as we have reservations for Mission, Tx ,to meet up with friends that are just having way too much fun for us to be missing out on….

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