Monday, January 18, 2010

Time Goes Marching On

I feel like we have been on a treadmill.  We just haven’t stopped and relaxed much since we got here to Florida.  The main reason for our return here is to put our house on the market. We have rented it out for the last 5 years and oh my, I don’t think our tenant has cleaned it in those 5 years!  Well, now that we have that accomplished and a few things taken care of, it is officially on the market. We will lose our shirt but we just want to be relieved of home ownership.  It will be nice to be on the road with no worries about it.  Lets hope for a quick sale!

In our free time, we have spent time with friends, met up with rv-dreamers, walked our feet off at the Tampa RV Show and volunteered at the show.  It has been really nice connecting again.

Here are a few photos taken while out to dinner with Howard and Linda and some of our dreamer friends.

January 2010 004

Howard showing off his new hair

January 2010 008

Linda enjoying her friend Filmore

January 2010 012


Tomorrow we will move for the third time since arriving here. We spent the first two weeks at MacDill AFB and then moved here to Spanish Main Resort for the last week. Tomorrow we head to Ft. Desoto, a county park in St. Petersburg. We really like it there, will have a water front site  and hope for some nice weather and maybe some down time.  Next week we will head to Orlando and meet up with our daughter and her family to celebrate our oldest grandsons 8th birthday..


Bob and Molly said...

Twas great seeing y'all!! Enjoy St. Pete!! See you soon on the road!

Debbie Goode said...

Oh, lucky you....a water front site! Enjoy and best of luck on the house!