Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Last Resort, Rockport Tx

With the RGV in our rear view mirror, we arrived in Rockport, Tx early Monday afternoon.  There are 7 of us set up in one area and a few more at other parks.  Last night we gathered next door at Deb & Rods for Happy Hour. After a while it  got cool and windy and drove us all back to our homes.  Deb, Rod, Mac, Netters and Kevin and I,  headed to the Big Fisherman for a little dinner.  Back home, we relaxed. My allergy’s are really bad and I headed to bed with some meds.

Tuesday- Woke to a nice sunny day with temps in the 60’s. Kevin and I got directions to the Wally World and headed in that direction.  Picked up a few things and then headed back to relax and have lunch.   Tonight’s Happy Hour was at Mac and Netters. We started at 4p and didn’t break up until 8pm.. Guess we were having some fun.. It got cool when the sun went down so we had a nice campfire..Thanks to Mac and Rod!!

Mac mixing drinks..

Tx Winter 2010 013

The girls looking over  the food..

Tx Winter 2010 014

Donna walking her dogs..

Tx Winter 2010 016


Our nice warm fire..

Tx Winter 2010 018

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