Saturday, February 27, 2010

Barbecue/Girls Day Out

Thursday night Chuck and Kathy hosted a barbecue at the picnic area at their park.  It was such a windy day, I thought our food would probably blow away, but to my surprise when we got there, it was an enclosed area. We gathered at 4p but by 6:30 or so it was getting chilly, so we went into the library to chat. Thanks Chuck and Kathy, we will miss you both.

Winter in Tx 2010 011

Winter in Tx 2010 013

Winter in Tx 2010 012

Friday was our planned “Girls Day Out” and boy did we have fun. Dortha had planned on us going to a lunch at a Tea Room. A real girly think to do!   What a blast, we laughed so much.Winter in Tx 2010 014

Little did we know, it was a dress up tea room. There were lots and lots of hats, dresses and accessories to choose from and try on.

Winter in Tx 2010 015

Kathy showing off her new look!

Winter in Tx 2010 018

Mary (aka Nat) and Donna. Hmm, Mary thinks this is just so much fun!

Winter in Tx 2010 020

Dortha wanted to know which hat looks better with this dress!

Winter in Tx 2010 022

We were telling Donna, this hat would be great for her daughter’s wedding!

Winter in Tx 2010 024

Ah, this is the one!!

Winter in Tx 2010 025 

Does this one look good on me!

Winter in Tx 2010 021

Getting ready for tea to be served..

Winter in Tx 2010 027

Aren’t we just so pretty!!

Winter in Tx 2010 026

And then it was over, what to do now?

Winter in Tx 2010 030

How about some shopping? At a ROPA..Winter in Tx 2010 033

Lots and lots of clothes piled high on the floor for 10cents a lb..

Winter in Tx 2010 031

Winter in Tx 2010 032

We didn’t last very long at this place! And believe me nobody bought anything.. It was all for fun.

Our day ended with very happy memories and goodbyes to Anna, Sue, Kathy and Mary, since Donna, Dortha, Lynette and I will be heading to Rockport on Monday. Thanks girls for the best “Girls Day Out”


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh what a fun, fun day you gals had! Sure enjoyed seeing the pics.

Karen and Steve

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

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