Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boerne, Tx..

We  spent last week  in Boerne, a nice little town in the Texas Hill Country.. Our drive was a pleasant one. The wildflowers are really thriving this year. 

March 2010 018

March 2010 017

2010-4-16 068

We had a full week of activities planned with  this small group of Escapees for their annual First Class Reunion.. It is made up primarily of members of the Class of 2007 but we were welcomed into this great group of people. 

We had happy hours, pot luck dinners, dinners out, tacos in a bag, make your own sundaes, dessert contests…..


2010-4-16 010

2010-4-16 020

Mac and Netters had to leave due to a death in the family but we had them with us all the same..

ChickieNette and FroggieMac


2010-4-16 013 2010-4-16 021

Then there was the Famous Cowboy Bar in Bandera!!

You bring your own steak and put them on these big grilles…

2010-4-16 032

2010-4-16 042

The decor in the bar…

2010-4-16 038 

2010-4-16 039

2010-4-16 035 2010-4-16 040

You really should click on the picture to get a closer look…..

We had geocaching workshop, a computer workshop and a wonderful talk on Alaska..

2010-4-16 001

We had skits and entertainment…

2010-4-16 025

2010-4-16 029

And lots of games of Hand and Foot and Mexican Train….

We even had prizes

2010-4-16 028

And lots and lots of fun…

Thanks to the Escapees Class of 2007 for including us…


Bob and Molly said...

Welcome... to our newest adoptees!!! We are so glad you came!! Miss you and hope your travels are great ones...til we see you again! HUGS!

Debbie Goode said...

Wow! Too much fun! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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