Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to Move On

Well after spending the last 3 months in Texas, it was time to head out.   To avoid traffic,  we pulled out at 5:20am.  Driving thru Houston gets tricky so you have to leave before the rush hour or wait it out. We opted to leave early so we wouldn’t hit traffic in the afternoon Baton Rouge mess.  We have travelled this route from Houston to Florida many times and have some experience in the timing.  

2010 May Heading to Florida 022

2010 May Heading to Florida 026

2010 May Heading to Florida 028

First stop, Hollywood Casino in Bay St Louis, Ms.  This is a nice little stop that we frequent.  We arrived around 12:30, got settled, had some lunch and gambled a little.   We had been notified a few days ago that Mark and Dortha were enroute to Alabama and would also stop for a few nights. We parked across from them and when they returned from site seeing, had a nice chat with them. Dortha had planned to cook  dinner and since we had all eaten lunch, we dined on grilled chicken sandwiches.   Yummy, thanks to you both.  The plan was then made to head over to the Silver Slipper Casino.  We have never been to that one and really enjoyed our time there. Kevin liked it even more since he came out way ahead. He offered to buy dinner for us all the next night at the Crabfest.   Unfortunately, Friday’s weather forecast,  forced Dortha into deciding that they should leave a day early, to beat out the storms.  So after hugs, they were off.  We relaxed, took a drive and of course stopped back at the casino. After all, Kevin had to give back some of his winnings, lol… We enjoyed a wonderful dinner buffet. His was comped but we had to pay for mine. They had lots of choices but I made my choice of dunganese crab. They were so good.

2010 Crab dinner 001 

2010 Crab dinner 002

We took our time Saturday morning packing up. It was 9:30 when we pulled out. We only had about 240 miles to go.

We passsed thru Mobile, Alabama…

 2010 May Heading to Florida 030

Then thru the tunnel…

2010 May Heading to Florida 032


Passing the USS Alabama…

2010 May Heading to Florida 034


Until we entered Florida..Anyone that knows us, knows how much we love Florida. So this is always a welcoming sign…

2010 May Heading to Florida 037

Home of the famous Blue Angels…

2010 May Heading to Florida 039

Over several bridges…

2010 May Heading to Florida 042


The end result was arriving at our destination for the months of May and June…..

2010 May Heading to Florida 044



We checked in, received our work schedules for the month and are all settled in…


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