Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amish Country

We arrived in Elkhart Indiana Tuesday after driving through rows and rows of corn fields.  Our gps brought us in the back door and we were in and out of every road in Goshen and Elkhart!

Indiana 011

We checked into the Elkhart Campground. We were put in the “new” section. I guess they just opened it up. It is just a field of grass. Our water is rusty and it even stained the toilet. This park doesn’t have the “it” factor for us, at least not this section,  but there is not much to choose from in the area.  Wednesday morning we arrived at RV Capital with our Big Horn and went over our list with them. They explained to us that it takes time to get all the work approved by Heartland and that it may take several days to get things accomplished. So now we are parked in their parking lot right next to 3 other Big Horns. One of them has been here for a month!!!  I guess they had a very long list of like 5o things to be fixed, before their warranty ran out. Yikes!  So here we sit while we are paying for a campground. Think we will head over and talk to them today.  Very nice people, by the way. I would also like to know when we come back, if we can be in another area of the park.


After dropping our RV off yesterday, we headed to Shipshewana. They have a very large flea market and auction held Tuesday and Wednesdays. We are in Amish country and the area is lovely. We took in the sites, had lunch and did a little shopping.  (save your penny’s Lynette, lots of pendants,  jewelry!)   Fortunately I had already eaten lunch before heading into the Red Barn. What a country store this is.  Everything looked wonderful and a trip back here is a sure thing.

Indiana 031

Indiana 032

Indiana 040

Indiana 043

On our way in to town on Tuesday we stopped at a farm stand and picked up some corn and fruit.  We both agree this is the best corn we have ever eaten. We have had it at dinner the last few nights.

Today has been a busy day here at the RV. Once guy came and went over everything that needs to be done.  Then a tech arrived and started working on things.  We need to be out by 8am tomorrow as they are pulling it inside and dropping the underbelly.   We did take a ride over to Elkhart Campgrounds and I explained our situation here, they were kind enough to credit the 5 nights I had paid for to use next time we pull back in.  Not sure if that will be next week or next month. All depends on how long our service takes here. Things are on order and you know how that goes…

All in all we are very happy with the people we have met here in Elkhart. The campground owners are really nice and the folks here at RV Capital are fabulous. They seem to really care and from what it sounds like are thorough.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but we will find something to keep ourselves busy.

P.S. This is a restaurant I heard good things about that serves family style meals. I think we should put this on the list of things to do when the gang all arrives next month.

Indiana 045


Phyllis said...

First time I've dropped in on your blog. The scenery of Amish country in Indiana reminds me of Amish country in PA - one of our favorite weekend places.

I will drop in again soon. Take care.

Chuck-Kathy said...

A "Must" is the Rise N Roll bakery/deli. The donuts are to die for. It is in the country between Shipsawana (sp) and Elkhart or Goshen. You will have plenty of time...8-5. We also ate in the one you are thinking of, not impressed, over priced.
Hugs, Kathy

Happytrails said...

That is certainly beautiful country. We are planning to attend the Escapade so we'll get to see it first hand. :)

Hope you get the rig fixed up real soon and you don't have to wait too long.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Jim said...

Great blog post!

Bob and Gita at Elkhart CG are really nice folks. Glad they worked with you. I stay in 308 or 408 when I am there. Nice pull-through site on the end which works well for me as I am usually only in for an overnight and sometimes don't even unhook. Tell Gita hi from Jim @ Heartland.

Essenhaus is good but consider trying the Bluegate in Shipshewana instead. I prefer it. Same sort of family-style meal.

There is much to do in the area. Email me via the forum if you want to chat.

Enjoy Elkhart county.

Jim B

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Great post on the Pennsylvania Amish country. We love going there for the day and often did when we lived in Virginia.

Anonymous said...


Marty and Roz said...

Roz and I also ate at the Essenhaus a couple of weeks ago when we were there with our camper to be repaired. OK place, will seat 1100 folks, I also thought it was a little overpriced. Camper still there at Duncan RV for new roof and a lot of other repairs, a tree fell on us in Idaho Falls, Id during our trip in June and punched a large hole through the roof.etc...don't know when the repairs will be complete. Enjoyed your photos of the Amish country. Marty