Friday, July 23, 2010

Food, Notre Dame and More Food

This morning we were up early, having the RV ready for the tech to pull into the bay at 8am.   Our first stop was…Notre Dame 002

Notre Dame 004

Yummy donuts!!  They also sell their homemade goods..

Notre Dame 005

Notre Dame 010

Notre Dame 009

We see so many of these carriages….

Notre Dame 014


We then headed for South Bend and Notre Dame….

Notre Dame 050


The campus was very busy with lots of things going on.   We were hoping to get in to see the football stadium but it was being worked on, so just got some pictures of the outside…

Notre Dame 022

Statue of Lou Holtz, one of the all time greatest college football coaches.. and motivational speakers… Notre Dame 025


This mosaic on the wall of the library can be seen from the stadium… It is called Touchdown Jesus…

Notre Dame 027

Go IRISH!!!!!

We enjoyed driving around and exploring this beautiful campus.

Notre Dame 047


We headed back to Goshen and stopped for a sandwich at…..

Notre Dame 051


Oh my, so many desserts!!

Notre Dame 052


It was almost time to head back to the shop to see how much progress they made on the RV today, but a quick stop at a surplus shop where we found a washer and dryer.  It is sooooo much cheaper than the price we got quoted at the shop. Only problem is, where do we put it until we can get it installed… Have to sleep on this one, lol.   Back at the shop we found our RV being brought back to our spot. They had taken off the underbelly and found the very large leak. Somehow they got taken off this job and put onto another, so no more done for the day on ours.  Come Monday morning we hope they will get back to it.  Of course if it’s the tank, like we told them it is, I suppose they then have to order a new one. In the meantime we have several other things on order including new insulation.  We are also waiting for Lippert to come take a look at our back stabilizers that buckled.  We just have to sit tight and “take time to smell the roses”.


Darrell said...

Hope you get everything buttoned up on your RV soon. In the meantime we enjoy the pictures from around the area. We'll visit some of those places when we're there for the Escapade. Those Danishes sure looked yummy.

Happytrails said...

Wow! What great food...there goes the diet when we come for the Escapade. What am I saying my diet went by the wayside years ago.
Hope you get your rig fixed up real soon. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Jim and Dee said...

I can't wait to get to that area, it's been a long time. Jim is hoping to get into the Notre Dame to the stadium, maybe that's not going to happen. See you soon!

Anonymous said...