Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Weeks Happenings


Last Sunday, we had our gathering at Mac & Netters place. Donna & Keith had arrived back in town Saturday night and they are parked next to them. Bob & Molly got into town on Sunday. Ginger & Jesse also joined us. Mac grilled sausage, brats and dogs and we all brought sides. Yummy, once again.

Arizona 2011 001

Arizona 2011 002

Arizona 2011 003

Arizona 2011 004

Monday, Kevin was busy cleaning a few vehicles, while I went and did some food shopping. Monday night, Keith & Donna, Karen & Donnie, and Kevin & I played Hand & Foot over here in our “clubhouse”.. We had fun, even though the guys pulled out the win…

Early Tuesday morning Kevin & I headed over to Mexico for me to get set up with a dentist. I found the place I had been referred to by Kevin’s dr here in Yuma, but his prices were way too high for me.  So we went in search of an office that a girl in Texas had recommended. Found it, and have an appointment next Wed morning to have four crowns put on. I hope it works out okay. The price sure was right.

After we left Mexico, we stopped at the casino. How could we drive right past it and not stop, lol… They have a promo going on right now.. Anyone over “50” gets $10 free play on Tues & Wed. Also veterans, get an additional $10 free play Mon-Thurs, so Kevin gets $20…. It was so crowded though. We both lost some.

Today I got caught up on laundry and got our suitcases out for a weekend trip back to Houston, we will be taking tomorrow.  Kevin has an appointment at the VA Dental office in Houston on Friday,  that he has waited about 6 months for. We figured we better keep it, since he has been having problems.  I have been keeping a close watch on flights due to all the storms, as we fly standby… We will drive to San Diego and take an 11:30 flight out, hopefully..

Around noon, we drove back to the casino to try our luck once again with our free play. We first had some lunch at the buffet, for $6.99. Wasn’t lucky on the slots, but we both had some luck playing blackjack.. It was once again, packed there. We did bump into Donna & Keith and Donnie & Karen.  Got home late afternoon. 

It is chilly here in Arizona today, but not nearly as bad as folks in the rest of the country have it. Our family’s back home in New England are in a whiteout. They have just about had enough of that stuff!   We know we will be hitting some cooler temps back in Houston also. Just hoping things warm up a bit, as we will be in the midst of a very large super bowl party, on Sunday, at our daughter’s house.  I have always been a Packers fan, so since our Patriots won’t be there, that is who I will be cheering for….

GO PAC!!!!!

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