Monday, February 21, 2011

What’s Been Happening in the Desert

This is the start of our last week here.. The time is flying by.  Seems like we just arrived.

Since my last post, I have been back to Mexico for four crowns. So far, very happy with the work done. I had all four done , cheaper than I had one done in Texas five years ago…I need alot more work and hope they will hold out until I can return to this area again.

We went back to DuBoys for a fabulous dinner..Arizona 2011 008

Arizona 2011 010

We had a great time over at Phyllis & Bob’s. Thought I took pictures but guess I didn’t.. Too bad, because it was a really neat set up around the fire.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated here..

Arizona 2011 012

Arizona 2011 026


Happy Hour at Bob, Molly and Tommie Sue and Harrell’s place….

Arizona 2011 027

with more friends…

Arizona 2011 030

Arizona 2011 031

Arizona 2011 032

We had a visit from JB and Brenda..

Arizona 2011 073

Arizona 2011 070

Arizona 2011 071

Since they travelled so far to visit, we had the need to feed them..

Arizona 2011 069

Keith had to sample..

Arizona 2011 075

Thanks John and Brenda. We appreciate that you drove those several hours to visit with us. Or was it for the poppers???

We have spent many nights playing cards. Just too busy concentrating, to take pictures.. Saturday night we played Texas Hold em. It was a first for me.. Guess it showed because, I was the big loser.  Other nights it was Chase the Ace or Hand & Foot.  What great times.. We will miss this, when we leave.

We finish our evenings  here in the desert with these beautiful sunsets..

Arizona 2011 051

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Gypsy said...

You have some great food pictures today.

I wish I could have gotten across the border when I was in AZ because I really need some dental work. Some day.