Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its Over

We left Kerrville Sunday morning about 11am. We werent in any hurry to leave. We spent a good hour and a half saying goodbye to our friends. I didnt even take the time to get dressed, I didnt want to miss anyone.  John and Brenda were the first to leave.


I sure look forward to seeing these fine Canadians again.

Rollie and Gina pulled out shortly after. How neat to explore their beautiful new rig. It was a pleasure spending time as neighbors and look forward to seeing you soon for dinner since you are so close by.100_2857


Dortha and Mark were the next. It was sad. Dortha, Jenny and I were the ones that planned this get together many months ago. One night on chat we started talking about how many folks would be in Texas around this time. A plan was in action.  I am so happy we did this and hopefully it will be the first of many gatherings. Dortha, thanks for all the work. I loved seeing your beautiful new home first hand after capturing every picture of it being built.


We had visits from Ginger and Jesse, Donna, Deb and Rod and Chuck and Kathy. They were not leaving, lucky them.. Please stay in touch everyone, we miss you already.



We are home now and back to the usual every day things. I have worked long shifts at the golf course this week and Kevin has been babysitting our youngest grandson. 

We are looking forward to Roaming When We Can. Not sure when that will be but I will keep following the paths of all our family of Dreamers until we meet again….


Debbie and Rod said...

What a GREAT time we had!! Thanks for the pictures!

Debbie & Rod

Rod & Loyce Ivers said...

Thanks for your part in the planning and having of the gathering. We had a great time, even though we didn't stay too long. Next time we will get ourselves organized better.
It's not over, it is time to begin again to think about the next time.

Chuck & Kathy said...

Miss you both, we had a great time, so glad that we got to spend time with so many great people. We will do this again. Roadkill