Friday, September 25, 2009

What A Week It Was

Well hopefully the worst is behind us. We sorted, packed. sold and stored most of the week. At the garage sale we unloaded some of it, profiting a little over $200. We then sold the big screen tv and washer & dryer to people I work with. The refrigerator is still in the house and hopefully will sell before the house is gone. Our scheduled departure was for Tuesday morning. Monday night I took the evening off to go out to dinner with my co-workers. They took me to Pappadeaux and it was wonderful. They also gave me a big bag of gifts. (one being mexican train, which I will have to learn to play). I have enjoyed working as a cook at the golf course. The hours got to be a bit too much for me but we had a great crew and I will miss them. I have also gained experience, that perhaps will come in handy some day as a workcamper.
Tuesday morning rolled around. In fact we were up at 4am continuing to pack it up. As we began to load the tt the rains came. And they came and came.. We were drenched. We pulled out at 10:30 for our trip to Bay St. Louis, Ms where we would spend our first night. We had rain pretty much the whole day so it was slow moving. We also hit dead stop traffic just outside Baton Rouge, La. But we finally arrived at Hollywood Casino & RV Park. We weren't there long before we headed to the casino. We were tired and didnt stay too long. I came out with pockets a little heavier but Kevin's were lighter. Back at the camper we put on the a/c, oh no, it was shaking and rattling alot. We had this problem last year, called out a tech and it was mud dobbers that had to be removed. We had one fan and it saved us for the night. In the morning Kevin got up on the roof and looked at the unit. He removed one of them but he thinks there are more at an area he couldnt get to. Uh oh, we will have to make do without the a/c and hope that our dealer we our trading it to will be able to do a quick fix. We had breakfast at the casino, played a little black jack (me a winner, Kevin a loser)
We were on the road at 10:30. We had a decent travel day. That was until we hit highway 59.. it was so bumpy. We stopped at a passport park in Arkansas for the night. We noticed we had lost two hubcaps. Another thing to tell the dealer. The inside of the trailer had things thrown all over from the rough ride. Once again we just settled in for the night with the fan and trying to stay cool.
Day 3, we pulled out around 10am. We had a shorter drive today. I called ahead to an Escapee Park in Knoxville to see if they had any open sites and they did. We arrived at Raccoon Valley around 1:30. (oops 2:30 we changed time zones). I checked in and got my first hug. This was a first time at an escapees park. It is okay, sites are close together and gravel. Lots of nice people. I actually did laundry and met a very nice lady and we passed time just talking. I had washed the spread that came in the trailer but had forgotten to wash the shams so that was the reason for the laundry to be done. I called our dealer and we are scheduled tomorrow at noon to pick up the new 5th wheel. We will spend the night on their lot and then they will send us to Pigeon Forge for Sat and Sun night. That way we will be close by if anything goes wrong. Oh, we did go to Walmart for a few errands and picked up another fan to get us through another warm night.
It is now Friday morning and we have a few things to do here. Kevin is outside cleaning the grill that came with the tt. We are excited and hopefully all will go well today.


Gypsy said...

It's such an exciting time for you, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Sandra said...

How exciting for you! I'm looking forward to hearing about your new 5er and some photos too, I hope!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh sounds like quite the adventure! We stayed at Raccoon Valley back in March (yes too close together and gravel) but we were visiting friends who live about 2 miles away, so it was worth it for us. Good luck on the trade-in, minus a few hubcaps, and plus a few wasps.. sounds like Even Steven Deal to me???

Jim and Dee said...

I'm so happy for you guys! What a great time. I hope all goes well with the move-in.

Mark and Dortha said...

We are so excited for you. Hope the move in goes well. We are all anxious to see pictures of your new home.

Hugs to you both.