Sunday, August 8, 2010

Casino and Beach Fun


Well to cheer ourselves up,  due to spending another weekend in the parking lot here in Elkhart, we headed to Michigan City, Indiana.   Kevin is a morning person, so we were off pretty early. It was about 50 miles and an easy drive, passing more corn fields of course. 

Michigan City Indiana 047

This was our first stop….

Michigan City Indiana 006

Michigan City Indiana 008


Kevin headed to the black jack table and I found a 2 cent machine that I liked and we both ended up with $100 extra,  in each of our pockets. That doesn’t happen often!  We also each got a twelve pack of coke for getting 200 points on our card.  Not bad!   We headed out with plans to come back, most likely when our friends arrive in the area.

Next stop was to see Lake Michigan. I have been told that it looks like an ocean with pretty blue water, and I  just had to see it, to believe it.  Little did we know, that it was speed boat weekend and man was it packed.  We had to park quite a distance and walk up and down the dunes to the beach.

Michigan City Indiana 009



Michigan City Indiana 012

Michigan City Indiana 030

Worth it though, it looked just as described and I definately want to spend some time back at this beach.. The water felt good.

Michigan City Indiana 019

The boats were practicing for their big race Sunday….

Michigan City Indiana 025

Michigan City Indiana 026

Perhaps we can add that to the list of things to do when friends arrive.


We got a few things accomplished in the morning.  A/C vent cleaned, freezer defrosted, just things we seem to put off.   I needed to find an ULTA store so I could buy some makeup, looked it up on the computer and I headed out for the 12 mile drive.  But, just before arriving at the mall I passed a Christmas Tree Shop!!   For years this was the store we always shopped at while at Cape Cod. Many years later they opened one near our home in Ma.  I always thought they were a Ma or NE thing, so shocked I was!  I couldn’t pass by without stopping..even though I was just in one last week at the Cape. Oh well, I managed to spend over an hour browsing the aisles and spending some cash.  I headed to ULTA, spent more than I planned and  headed home.

Tomorrow we are suppose to hear from Heartland to see if they could find our tank. With any luck we may be on our way to Illinois in a day or two.

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Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like you already have some great plans for when we all arrive. They sound great to me!

I saw the Christmas Store on the Cape the other day, but we didn't stop.

Hope you get some answers tomorrow about your tanks and they get you on the road soon. If not, it is going to be time to turn around and come back. LOL

See you real soon!