Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Day Is It?

With all the fun we are having here in Elkhart, it’s hard to tell what day it is…They all run together.

The guys seem to start the day solving the problems of the world…

Elkhart 2010 032

No matter what we do during the day, we end up with Happy Hour everyday around 4pm. It brings us all together. 

Elkhart 2010 025

Jim and Ellie and their kids….

Elkhart 2010 024

We all headed out one day for the RV Hall of Fame. It was a great take.

Started with a movie presentation…

Elkhart 2010 004

Elkhart 2010 003

Elkhart 2010 006

Elkhart 2010 015

Mac likes this one..

Elkhart 2010 016

Kathy & Chuck having fun..

Elkhart 2010 010

Lynette and Kevin found something better to do…

Elkhart 2010 011

Elkhart 2010 014

After the tour we all headed in different directions. Donna Keith, Kevin and I searched for a place for lunch and ended up at Charlie’s for a great sandwich.

We have had a Mexican Food night and Hot Dog night to name a few…

Elkhart 2010 020

Dee and Jim, Chris and Jim…

Elkhart 2010 021

Yesterday Mac, Lynette, Kevin and I headed to Shipshewana to do a little shopping and have a great lunch at the Blue Gate…

Elkhart 2010 029

Mac and Lynette…

Elkhart 2010 028


Tonight is heavy appetizer night…MMM…  This is also our last free day before the rally begins tomorrow..

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Anonymous said...

Yep Leno I am just so sorry we are missing out on all the fun but we will be looking forward to seeing everyone somewhere this winter. Continue to have fun so I can enjoy it on your blogs

Take Good Care
Brenda Brown