Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Road Back to Elkhart

Saturday morning we met Lynette and Gregg at a designated rest stop on the highway, so we  could follow each other for our trip back to Elkhart.. They have a new trailer hooked to the back of their 5th wheel and they wanted us to keep an eye on it, to see how it would behave.

August 2010 013

It did very well.. We stopped for the night in Champaign, Il. Nice little overnight stop with a water view.

Out the back window…

August 2010 019

Sunday morning we headed out to complete our trip to the Elkhart Campground…

August 2010 027

We got checked in, set up and then the visiting started…

August 2010 033

And the food came out…August 2010 030

August 2010 035

This was just one of many nights of friendship, fun and food.

We have gone to the flea market, done line dancing, been out to lunch and had a baked potato bar for dinner.

Elkhart 2010 007


We have had storing telling, jokes a pin ceremony and lots and lots of laughter…

Donnie, Dee, Mac, Lynette, Bob

Elkhart 2010 002


Dee, Dortha, Kathy, Ellie

Elkhart 2010 006

Downing that wine…

Elkhart 2010 016

Mac acting up….

Elkhart 2010 028

Nick drops by…

Elkhart 2010 029

As you can see we are just having way too much fun. This is all before Nick’s Gypsy Journal Rally even begins!

Lots more to come.   Life sure is good!!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh so good everyone arrived safe and sound. Sure wish we were there too!

Keep reporting on all the fun stuff---

Karen and Steve
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