Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandson Time and On to New Places

Our daughter decided she was going to take a short trip to Disney with her youngest son to celebrate his 3rd birthday. She wanted some one on one time with him..but then she asked if I would like to go.  Of course I did!  Kevin and I flew to Houston a little over a week ago and Kim, Brady and I flew to Orlando Sunday night for our 4 night stay at Disney’s All Star Sports.  Kevin stayed behind in Houston to babysit the older two boys while our son in law worked.  What a great time!!  Brady was wonderful and although he has been to Disney before, this time he loved it all.

We celebrated his birthday at his house before we left for Orlando.

Brady's 3rd Birthday 052

He got to celebrate again at the Rainforest Cafe..

Brady's 3rd Birthday 111

The bus driver also made his day special..

Brady's 3rd Birthday 117

He saw some of his favorites….

Brady's 3rd Birthday 083

Brady's 3rd Birthday 132


Before long our stay was over and we headed on back to Houston. Kevin and I fly standby and couldn’t get a flight back to Cleveland, where we parked our truck, until Saturday.  Once back to our home, we relaxed Sunday, watching football.

Monday morning we took our time packing up. Mac and Netters were parked next door and we chatted with them for a bit, making future plans.   We drove about 230 miles to Batesville In to Indian Lakes a TT park. We have plans to stay here until Sunday. We will then have 3 nights before heading to Tn to Lisa’s gathering. We hope to make a stop in Ky, to maybe take in a few sights…..


Gypsy said...

What a special birthday trip!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

What an adorable little guy! Those curls!!! Where did they get that super duper Spiderman outfit?

Karen and Steve
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