Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Rally Beginning to End


We started our day, signing in for the Gypsy Journal Rally and getting our badges. The vendors were all set up and we did a little window shopping..Karen, Donnie, Kevin and I headed out for a quick lunch at the Steak and Shake down the street.  When we got back we just sat around until 3pm when the opening speech took place and the vendors were introduced.

Gyps Journal Rally 005

Gyps Journal Rally 007

We had a visit from Jim Beletti from Heartland. He was trying to find Mac, Netters, Kevin and I to take us out to dinner. When he saw us with our group of friends, he asked if it would be okay to buy 10 pizzas for our Happy Hour.  We all enjoyed and we appreciate the kind gesture Jim.  At 7pm we headed back to the tent for the raffle drawing. In our group, Dortha won a gift certificate for Perkins, I won one for a large pizza and Ellie won a patio rug.  We are now out of  the nightly drawing until the final grand prize.. Back to our circle we continued sitting until the mosquitos took over.

Gyps Journal Rally 010

Gyps Journal Rally 012


Morning starts out with coffee and donuts in the hall. At 9am the seminars start.  There really weren’t any I was interested in until 1p but Kevin attended one in the morning. Tonight was the Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest. A few of our friends were picked to dress up., It was hilarious!

Dennis getting things warmed up…

Gyps Journal Rally 013

Mac escorted by Mark…

Gyps Journal Rally 023

Chuck escorted by Jim…

Gyps Journal Rally 038

All the contestants with Mac showing some leg….

Gyps Journal Rally 044


Chuck showing some moves…

Gyps Journal Rally 048

And the winner is Jim from Geeks on Tour….

Gyps Journal Rally 054


We headed out to breakfast with friends.  Goofed off, did some errands and then out for Chinese with the group.


Last official day of the rally.  We attended seminars until 2pm and then a group of us headed to Shipshewana for lunch at the Blue Gate.   We had the last get together for the rally, under the tent tonight with the final raffle’s taking place.


This morning was a tour of the Heartland plant. We were excited to see this, since that is where our home was made.  When the tour ended we headed over to the Customer Service Center to speak to them about a leak we are still having. They seem like neat people and I’m sure they will take care of our problem. Most likely next week.

Gyps Journal Rally 056

Gyps Journal Rally 063

Gyps Journal Rally 062

We got to see the new Landmark proto type and give our suggestions…Very Nice!

Gyps Journal Rally 065


Late afternoon I went with friends to Michigan (very close by) for dinner at Lunkers.  When we returned we went to the clubhouse for a game of Hand & Foot.  The guys did it once again! They beat us…

This was the end of the Gypsy Journal Rally but not the end of the fun… It will continue!!

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