Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tucked Away in Batesville, In

We are having beautiful fall weather and really enjoying our week here in this small Indiana  town.  It is an old but well kept town with a neat little downtown area. 

This is a view out our back window at the campground…

Batesville, Indiana 001


Tuesday, our chore was to get all the papers for the selling of our house in Fl signed, copied, faxed, and over nighted to the attorney in Florida that is handling the sale.  On Wednesday at 1pm the signing took place and we are finally house free!!  We have taken a great loss, due to the economy but at least now, we don’t have the upkeep or the concern. We held on to it thinking things were booming in Fl.   Who knew!

Thursday we decided to take a nice drive around a few of the other towns in the area. We were in search of some fall foliage but I think we are just a few weeks too early.

Batesville, Indiana 005

Batesville, Indiana 006

Batesville, Indiana 010

We came upon the Ohio River……

Batesville, Indiana 012

Batesville, Indiana 017

 Batesville, Indiana 019

We made a stop at a Walmart in  Aurora, a quaint little town, to pick up a few things and then on to Rising Sun, the home of the Grand Victoria Casino…

 Batesville, Indiana 024

Batesville, Indiana 025  Batesville, Indiana 023

Kevin headed to the blackjack tables and I to the machines. He came out a winner, but I lost.   We set our gps to take us back home. Unfortunately with all the hills and turns in the road, it kept us going in circles for awhile. We ended up passing another casino, The Hollywood.

Batesville, Indiana 027

Batesville, Indiana 028

By this time we were hungry, and hadn’t eaten all day, so we both decided to stop and see if they have a buffet. We lucked out and got a buy one, get one free.  It was good. Then we of course had to try our luck.  I was very lucky on the .5 machines. I ended up plus $130 for the day..Nice, even though I was up $250 at one time… Kevin came away +$120 for the day.  It was a long but really nice day…..

Friday.. Another beautiful day. We had a free lunch coupon for Hollywood Casino, so we were foolish enough to think this would be “free”.. We headed back, had lunch and deposited some of our winnings from Thursday. At least it was their money, not ours…lol.

Saturday, this is our last day here and a little cooler. Kevin is outside putting things away. I am doing laundry and will head to pick up a few grocery’s in a bit.  My plans for cleaning this week, have all but disappeared.. Oh well, plenty of time for that!

We will finally be leaving Indiana, after spending over two months in the state.  We are ready for some mountains instead of farmlands. I must say we are very impressed with what we have seen in this state and really have enjoyed our time here.   Alot of old towns, but everyone seems to take care of their property.
This is a side of fulltime living that I am enjoying. It’s fun to see small town living.

Stay tuned to our next adventure, as we head to Kentucky tomorrow for  3 nights…..


Debbie and Rod said...

Congrats on the house sale!!! I know that's a GREAT feeling to be house free!!

Deb & Rod

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh congrats on the house sale, even if it was a loss. So many are taking the loss rather than paying taxes, insurance, utilites and upkeep for a couple years till the market bounces back (hopefully) ... glad you guys are free of it now!

Steve and Karen
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