Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach and Museum

Saturday was a dark cloudy day. We had one of those really lazy days. In fact, I never got dressed.  Love them once in awhile..

Sunday..Today’s forecast was for rain, but the sun was out!  We had to take advantage of the weather so headed back to the beach. We didn’t bring our diggers with us but figured we would just be on the lookout for some Agate rocks.

Arriving at the beach…

Searching for rocks 015

Kevin really got into it…    Searching for rocks 013 Searching for rocks 014

We did find a few, but again they were small…

It was time to head back over the bridge. and the river...

Searching for rocks 016  Searching for rocks 018 Searching for rocks 019

A look back….

Searching for rocks 020   Searching for rocks 023 Lots of these yellow bushes. Reminded me of forsythia that we had in Ma…..always a first sign of Spring… 
Searching for rocks 017

It was getting chilly and very cloudy and I think we left just in time..When we reached the truck it was starting to rain.

We headed into town for a few errands and a stop at the fish market to pick up  steamed clams. We are used to the New England clams, so not too sure if we would like these, they are much smaller.  Back at home we cooked them up along with corn on the cob and french bread. 

Steamers 002

They were yummy!  Kevin doesn’t think as good as New England ones though!!

Monday morning, although cloudy with light rain we decided it was a good day to head to

Newport, Or 004 Newport, Or 005  Newport, Or 007 Newport, Or 008   Newport, Or 011 Newport, Or 012 Newport, Or 013 Newport, Or 014

We saw lots of neat exhibits .  They had hands on with some living creatures.  Our grandkids would love it here!!

After leaving the museum we stopped at…

Newport, Or 015

Newport, Or 001

 Newport, Or 002             

And strolled around a few of the shops…and the SUN came out!!!! LIG

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