Friday, May 20, 2011

Pure Enjoyment!

When we headed to Depoe Bay yesterday, we had no idea we would enjoy it as much as we did. We pulled right up to the wall by the ocean. Lots of folks took out their chairs and sat to take it all in…

Depoe Bay, Or 043  Depoe Bay, Or 045 Depoe Bay, Or 046

The waves were crashing hard against the rocks and it was mesmerizing...

Depoe Bay, Or 062   Depoe Bay, Or 065    Depoe Bay, Or 069  Depoe Bay, Or 071    Depoe Bay, Or 075 

This guy even posed for me…

Depoe Bay, Or 066

            We walked down the street to the Whale Center…

Depoe Bay, Or 078

Depoe Bay, Or 090   

Depoe Bay, Or 094

But we weren’t lucky enough to see any. They had nice binoculars for us to use but the water was so rough that it would really be hard to see a spout…

We crossed the street and strolled the shops. We ordered chowder to go and sat on a bench to once again watch the furry of the ocean...and loved every minute of it!

Depoe Bay, Or 108

 Depoe Bay, Or 096        Depoe Bay, Or 104

What a great little town!

Last night we headed down the street to a steak house that was actually a neat bar. They had lots of tv’s and we took our seats at the bar.  How neat to watch the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins on side by side tv’s! We ordered 40 chicken wings (small but good), split a sandwich, I had 3 ice cold beers and Kevin had several soda’s and we got to see both our teams win.. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!!!



Jim and Dee said...

Great pictures! We could almost HEAR the waves crashing on the rocks. Thanks for taking us with you.

squawmama said...

Another wonderful post... Glad you're having fun!!!
Travel safe

Chuck-Kathy said...

What a great day for ocean, know it can't get much better. Love the pictures, I too love the ocean, swear in another life I crawled up onto the shore some place.