Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walking and Reflecting

The last few mornings I have walked down to the beach and strolled  for a few hours.. It’s strange how the solitude of the ocean gets you thinking. I have reflected on how very very lucky we are to enjoy this wonderful life and this beautiful country. Of course the fact that I just lost a cousin to cancer after a long battle, at the age of 59, gets you thinking too.  You really do have to live each day you have. If I died right now, I would be at peace. I know I have lived life to it’s fullest and with the love of my life by my side. We  have two great kids who have given us 5 wonderful grandkids, that we adore.  We have more friends in our life now than we have ever had and yup, I can honestly say that I am happy!  

Leaving the campground, heading to the beach….

Around the park in Newport 002

The walkway under Hwy 101…

Around the park in Newport 003

Ahhhhh… peaceful!!

Around the park in Newport 023



squawmama said...

This was beautiful... and I am proud to consider you a friend even though we haven't met yet! I too am thankful for everyday and the life we have been able to live & share. Sorry for the loss of your cousin...
Love & Hugs

Jim and Dee said...

Sorry for your loss. This lifestyle is a great way to reflect on life. I love your blog, it's exactly how we feel. Safe travels.

Jenny said...

Awesome-- Just Awesome -- I have spent a lot of tie on the oregon Coast and have camped both at South Beach and Beverly Beach --Photos are great but youre making me homesick.....Be sure to stop in at the Sea Hag (Depoe Bay) and the Home of the Riffraff Winos and Dingbats in Old Town Newport --another place is the brewery just across the bridge and dont forget Pelican Pub and Brewery when you get to Pacific City-- and keep tose great photos coming!!!!! Have fun!!

Sue and Doug said...

the Oregon Coast is our favourite place!!..thanks for sharing your thoughts and the views!!