Saturday, January 7, 2012

Set Up For The Winter

We arrived  here in Georgia a week ago Friday. We took our time after leaving  Houston.  Our first stop was at Bay St Louis at the casino for two nights. I had a coupon, good for 2 free nights.  We enjoyed ourselves and unwound from Christmas.  Our next stop was a state park in Auburn Alabama.

When we arrived here at the golf course it was a little tricky getting down the hill, and into our spot, but Kevin managed to do a good job.

The hill going down to our campsite…Not alot of room to turn around down there..

DSC_0001-1 DSC_0003

This area is used for tournaments but we can use the bathroom, showers if we want.. Worked out well when our water froze up…


Some of our coworkers….DSC_0006-1

We have this little pavilion and firepit for us all to share…


Our site….DSC_0010 

Looking up at the pro shop and cart barn from our site…


The next few days were spent checking out the area. Not a heck of alot to do around here. My first thought was how am I going to get through 3 months here! The town has the usual fast food food joints, two small grocery stores. I am told there is a good barbecue place and we found a good cafe for lunch, where I had the best tomato basil soup, yum.  The closest Walmart is 17 miles away. In the other direction, is Athens, about 30 miles,  where we drove to on New Years Eve to get chinese food. It wasn’t a bad drive but not worth it for this chinese food,lol..  There seemed to be quite a few restaurants in the area and also an outlet mall, so I am sure we will be back.

The folks here at the golf course are all real nice. They gave us a golf cart for use and we got our schedules. We are going to be working Sunday and Monday’s for the month of January. Our actual start date for work is tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes. We have use of the laundry at the cabin they rent out. It is quiet season, so nobody renting right now.

We got the cold spell that swept the south. We went from 60’s to freezing for several days. Our hose froze up one night and our water pump stopped working.  We went out and bought several gallons of water, just in case but things have been working fine since.  It has since gone back into the 60’s.  Kevin has been out golfing two days. From what I am told this is a very challenging  and beautiful course, with lots of hills. I will tour it tomorrow when we start work.  Until then, I have my computer, which got a bad virus.  Our friend John called me to help out, and I finally got rid of the virus, but couldn’t get into any of my programs. I finally got the name of a computer guy in the area and brought it in to get fixed up. He did a good job and I had it back in a few days. In the meantime, I had my little notebook.  Not understanding my connection speed though. At times, it is quick as a rabbit and other times so slow I can’t stand it. I did notice one day my air card was very hot. I unplugged it, let it cool for the night and seems to be fine for now. I did find a Verizon store next to Walmart and may have to pay them a visit. I am do for an upgrade, but was holding off until it was time to get a new phone, thinking I could do a package deal… Let me know if anyone has their new iphone…I am a bit interested in it.  My other new toy that has kept me busy is my kindle fire.. I love it. In fact, my neighbor told me to take it with me to work!!  Think I will do just that…..

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