Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weighing Our Options

This weather isn’t what I bargained for! Most nights we have had to keep our water dripping, to keep the hoses from freezing up, and we have gone through 3 tanks of propane. Even if the days warm up, it still has that dampness in the air. The temps haven’t kept  Kevin away from golfing.  Personally I think he is crazy…

Saturday’s excitement was watching the Patriots beat the heck out of Denver.. What an awesome game! I really do enjoy watching pro football. Now, I will be happier if the Pats can go all the way..

Sunday we were back to work.  It was real cold and Kevin told me to stay put for a few hours and he would cover the work. On the weekends they have several people working. It was so cold, but the sun did come out and by afternoon it felt pretty nice. I did not have to do all that much. There were not many folks golfing, of course football was on.  Now Monday was another story. We start work at 8am. I dressed well with layers. I had a turtleneck, my golf shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket on.  We did have some help in the morning. Didn’t really need it then though, because the crowds showed up in the afternoon when we were working alone. They had Kevin out in the cart barn and me in the pro shop. That was until 2pm when they sent Kevin out to pick the range and me to the cart barn. It got crazy and a bit overwhelming.  It seemed like carts never stopped lining up for me to clean and store. It takes time. When Kevin finished the range, it was 4:30 and time to ride the course, lock all the bathrooms and range. I was left with the carts.  We ended up getting through at 6pm in the dark, setting the alarms and locking the gates.  We were both cranky, cold and my back was aching.

We have since been discussing if this is the place for us. I actually started a pro and con list. The pros include free golf, no rent, nice people. The cons include, lousy weather (so far), nothing close by to do, work hours, iffy wifi and bad phone connection. Monday was just a sample of what is to come. We are told that it will start getting real busy in a few weeks, when the schools start golfing, 5 days a week. This is the only course in the county.  We were told we will probably be working 4 days a week in the afternoons and closing each of those days.  (One of the couples told me they will not work 4 days a week) After sampling the closing procedure, we are just not sure about this.

The hard part for me is commitment. I don’t like to commit to something and not finish it. However, they did tell us they have never had 5 rv’s here in the winter before. We also know if we leave early, we will lose our chance of working for a Ga SP again.

Anyway, we are just in the thinking stages…..we will give it another weekend of work and see how it goes.

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