Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up for Dec, Jan, Feb

Wow, it’s so hard to write a blog when it’s been so long since the last one.. I will try to catch you up since my last post…


I had alot of bridges to cross..the first being  Kevin’s birthday, it happens to be the same day as our granddaughter Kailyn’s, so I planned a nice family vacation to Disney. We had a blast.

Kailyn, Kevin, Chris and Jen



When my son and family headed back to New Hampshire, I drove to St Pete to visit friends.  Glad I was there to celebrate my bff  ‘s birthday..

Patti and Arlene..


Kite festival at the beach..


Even got to have a nice visit with RV friends , Dee and Jim, Anna and Gale and Lessie and Bill. It was the first time to meet Lessie from our chat room. How fun.

Dee, Lessie, Jim, Ed ,Gale, Anna, Arlene 



Two of my grandsons took part in the Flags Across America with their cub scout group. They laid wreaths on the graves at Houston National Cemetary, after a very nice ceremony..

Placing the wreath on grampy’s  grave..


I got through Christmas, thanks to the  kids.


I  even pushed myself to decorate a small tree..



Then on to my wedding anniversary, which was the hardest by far. I drove to the cemetary, parked and blasted our song “Colour My World” and visited for awhile…

With help from above,  and that of friends and family, I got through it.

I was getting itchy to travel.. The Tampa RV show was coming up, so I headed to Florida and stayed with close friends  for several days.

Gunnar, Don, Katherine, Shannery, Patti, Don


Plans had been made to attend the show and have a meet up with RV Dreamers that were in town. That we did and it was so good to see them all. 

Donna, Arlene, Nancy, Elaine

2013-1-17 donna arlene nancy elaine



The superbowl here at my daughter’s, is always a big deal. For years, the guys usually golf either the day before or after. This year they started the 1st Annual Sully Invitational..It was hosted by my son in law Joe, my son Kevin and our good friend Don from Florida. It was held the day before the superbowl.


Then the annual superbowl party…

Arlene, Sherry and Patti (kitchen help)

DSC_0064  Game on inside

DSC_0034 And out



With that behind us, I was getting itchy to travel again. RV Dreams was having a rally in the desert in Quartzite Az. Hmmm, I really wanted to attend but I didn’t have an rv.  The search started for a rental. And found one, with pickup in Las Vegas…


This would prove to be a good chance to see if I would want to invest in an RV again. Alot different traveling alone.  But I did it, and loved being out there again..IMG_0296


So much fun being with Dreamers again..

Howard and Linda


The solo cafe girls… serving up breakfast


and drinks


We had a fun filled week with lots of food, seminars, cocktail hours, campfires every night and beautiful sunsets…Not to mention new friendships.



Gina, DJ, Kyra, Arlene


After a fun filled week in the desert boondocking, I was off to Yuma.  A friend from Florida, flew in to meet me. We parked ourselves next to Bob and Molly, who took good care of us.. Susan and I spent quite a few days going back and forth to Mexico for dental work. The results were good..We managed to have a day out with Phyllis…

Arlene, Phyllis, Susan


I returned the RV  to Vegas and flew back to Houston in time to have a gathering with more RV friends that happened to be in the area.  Mac and Nette are gate guarding in Huntsville, about an hour from here.  We all headed to their place for fun, food and laughter…

Nette, Barb, Kathy


  Roger, Mac, John, Chuck, Nette


The girls…Arlene, Deb, Lynette, Bridget, Kathy, Barb


It sure has been a busy few months and I love keeping busy.. There were  lots of other things in between. birthday celebrations, lunches out and searching for that perfect RV…

More to come~~~

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Sandra Merrikin said...

So good to hear from you Arlene, glad you're getting on with your life, you know that's what Kevin would have wanted. You seem to be enjoying yourself as much as you can! Looking forward to followups!