Thursday, May 16, 2013

March and April

Well, now that the hardest part is behind me, perhaps I can keep up with my blog,  every now and then.


Started the month of just right with a girls day out with Bridget and Lynette…We shopped


and found this perfect sized chair for Bridget!..  Then off to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory..What would a visit there be without a piece of this..



The search was on for the perfect RV for me. My daughter Kim and I went to PPL in Houston to look. The ones that I could afford were terrible. We were very discouraged… I then started searching the paper and online. Found one not to far from here, so my son in law and I headed to look. It was small, but cute. We wanted to think about it and check online for the value. When we got home we decided to call with an offer and oops, too late..It was sold!  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.. I then decided to look on Craigslist in Florida. I started with the familiar places there. I saw one that sparked my interest..called for details and was happy with what I heard. Only problem was that it was in Florida and I am here in Texas.  I knew that if you don’t jump on these deals, they are gone fast, if they are a good one.  I called my friends in Florida to see if they could help. Don was away,  but Patti agreed to go first thing in the morning to look it over.  I was on the phone with her the next day,  as she did a walk thru and checked things out.  I then made an offer, it was accepted and I had Patti put down a down payment.


It was a 2001 Four Winds 31 ft Class C. It came with lots of extra’s..

Two days later, Kim & I were on a plane headed to Tampa.  We picked it up,  took it to our friends house and started cleaning it up. My son in law  Joe, flew in later in the day with the boys, since it was spring break.  We loaded it up and headed out that night…. We wanted to enjoy ourselves on our trip back.  We stopped for the night at a Wally World.  We were on the road next morning, and we had our first hiccup.. A double blowout.. Not a good start and it held us up for many hours waiting for service,  on the side of the highway..

Next stop..Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Fl

This area happens to be one of my favorite places  in the country.  You can see why…


Kevin and I have been coming to these beautiful beaches for many years…

The kids had fun..







Playing frisbee…


Splashing in the water




And watching beautiful sunsets..


We spent a few days and hated to leave..

On to Cajan Palms in Louisiana. We had our fill of Crawfish. My daughter said the best she has ever had..


  The boys played miniature golf…


The pool and water park were not open but looked real nice…


We eventually returned to home..with plans for fixing up the RV for future trips..

I had a friend coming.. Kyra an RVing friend that was on her way through this area..I suggested she park her home in our backyard..


We spent a few days together, one of which we picked up Penny and traveled up to Mac & Nette’s..

Lynette, Penny, Kyra


The next day Kim & I were leaving for Galveston with the boys, to spend Easter weekend…

Our site at Jamaica Beach RV Park


Playground next to our site..


We colored easter eggs..


Rented scooters..



and had lots of fun…

We were off to the beach..with Scruffy


and had visitors…

Joe, Sherri and Kris


The kids played chess…


and helped Kris play too…


they hunted for eggs on the golf course…


before saying goodbye…

So nice to see Joe and Sherri again and to meet Kris. It has been several years..Hope it won’t be so long next time.

The campground had a weenie roast and we toasted smores.  We spent another day at the beach and had an outside movie at night..


It had to end but we will be back again this summer..

Back at home the kids were swimming in the pool..


I have had several lunches with Lynette. So nice to have a friend close by for awhile…Will miss it when they leave.

I watched the kids,  so Kim and Joe could have a much needed vacation together in Mexico..

That about wraps up these two months. I will be back with more later.. as I plan more adventures~~


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Tom and Marci said...

Even the double blowout doesn't sound like such a big deal when sandwiched in between all those good times with friends and family!! So happy for you!