Friday, September 12, 2008

Decisions Decisions

We have had a few very stressful days trying to decide what to do and where to go. We had plans on taking an early morning flight this morning back home to Houston. With the hurricane on the way, we had to make the decision whether to fly home or stay put in Florida until the storm has ended. We had pretty much decided to stay rather than chance taking the kids back home and not having any power which could be for days on end. The airlines made the final decision for us since it cancelled all flights into Houston today anyway. Now the problem will be getting home and when. We fly standby so before we get to go, all the other paying passengers will have to go ahead of us. My daughter has rented another time share for us for a week. We had to move out of the one we were in this morning since our week was up. We returned our rental cars and rented new ones as it was cheaper this way. It has just all been a hassle, but we are safe here with the kiddos. Continental has already contacted my son in law and they are flying him back to Houston Sunday morning and working him from there. My daughter is awaiting her call. They both fly for Continental. So we may have the kids here by ourselves.
We havent been doing too much here other than watching the weather channel. I did get to the
outlet stores to buy a birthday gift for my grandson who will turn one in a few weeks. We also got to go back to Celebration Station for more seafood. I had a lobster roll this time. mmmmm.
We will go to Epcot one of these days. But for now back to the television. Our hearts go out to those that will lose their homes. We have friends staying at our house that left their home in Galveston. We don't expect much damage since we are about 85 miles north of Galveston but one never knows, we just can't underestimate these powerful storms.

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Just stay safe.