Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Power Still Out

Well, even though we are not in our home, we keep up with the latest on whether we have power there or not. Not, as of noon today. They are slowly getting it back in our area so I suspect it should be in the next few days hopefully. As for now we are still in Florida at a nice resort and making the best of it. We are so much better off than those in Texas.
Kevin and I are suppose to be heading out to Destin a week from Monday so as long as we get back to Texas and everything is okay with the trailer then it should be a go. I have alot of preparing to do but I can get it all done in no time. We will also have to see what the gas situation is when we leave to be assured we can get it for the trip.
My daughter and I took two of the boys to Epcot on Saturday. We had a really great time. It wasnt very crowded so didnt have to wait long to get on the rides. Today we all went to Magic Kingdom. It was very hot so hubby and I along with the baby, only lasted about three hours. We will go back and pick up our daughter and kids when she calls. Her husband, by the way, is back to work as of yesterday.
On Sunday we went to St. Petersburg. That is where we lived for 3.5 years after leaving Massachusetts. Our house is there and we rent it out. We stopped by to check on things and we were given a list of "things to do". Ya sure.... Don't ask and we won't raise the rent.... We havent in 4 years. We have to think about this. While in St. Pete we both went out with old friends. Kevin out to golf and myself out to lunch with girls and then to Ft. Desoto for a little beach time. In the evening we met up and all went out for a chinese buffet. Headed back to Orlando late evening.
We are really trying to enjoy but it is just a strange feeling not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Will we be staying here or packing up and heading home. Our daughter had to reserve and pay for another week in a timeshare just in case. Luckily she has that option. Time will tell.....

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