Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Churchill Downs

Today we all started our day with breakfast at this Denny’s..

Louisville, Ky 001

Kind of a nostalgic looking place..

Louisville, Ky 003

Then we headed to Churchill Downs..

Louisville, Ky 008

And the home of the Kentucky Derby Museum…

Louisville, Ky 006

We paid our admission and took a look through the museum…the guys found themselves goofing off…

Louisville, Ky 016

And competing on a horse track…

Louisville, Ky 025

We watched clips of great past races….

Louisville, Ky 019

And saw these pretty silks from the jockeys…

Louisville, Ky 021

After a short movie we headed to see the track  and finish line….

Louisville, Ky 046

Behind us is the Winners Circle they use only for the Kentucky Derby….

Louisville, Ky 055

The tote board….

Louisville, Ky 054

The day after the Derby they paint this statue with the winning jockey colors…

Louisville, Ky 060

This is Phantom on Tour a Former thoroughbred that resides here at Churchill Downs. He is the great grandson of the great Secretariat.

Louisville, Ky 071

What a fabulous tour. We really enjoyed it all…..  But now time for a refreshment, so we headed to a Winery… for a little taste!

Louisville, Ky 078

Back home this is the lineup….Left to Right  the Donley’s the McHenry’s and the Sullivan’s…

Louisville, Ky 085

Then a little discussion on where to have dinner…

Louisville, Ky 086

Tomorrow we head to Tennessee…so stay tuned!

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Debbie Goode said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. I enjoyed all the photos and especially the "guys goofing off" LOL!