Sunday, October 10, 2010

The “IT” Factor

For most RVers they know what the “it” factor is for them. Those out there that don’t know what we mean. It is just the place that feels right to you.. This is certainly “it” for us….

We left Kentucky about 10am Wednesday morning following Mac and Netters to Tennessee.

Defeated Creek, Tn 004

Defeated Creek, Tn 008

Defeated Creek, Tn 015

We arrived a bit early, due to the time change at

Defeated Creek, Tn 018


We got really excited and it was evident that this was a very beautiful place…

Defeated Creek, Tn 019

Our site wasn’t available, as check out isn’t until 3pm and it was only 1:30, they told us to park next door at Lisa and Tony’s site until ours was vacant.  So we watched Mac and Netters set up and we patiently waited, and waited and waited…. Tony arrived and he parked in another space for the time being and we all waited and waited and waited… 3pm arrived and still no one was home at the MH parked in our site… We knocked and knocked but no answer. We were a little worried because the outside light was on..We finally moved to another site so that Tony could get his trailer set up. Mac and Kevin headed to the office around 3:45 and explained the situation. They said they would try to reach the people. At 4:30 a campground host arrived to tell us, they had reached the folks and they were on the other side of Nashville and thought they had another day in the site.  Yikes! We were not happy campers at this point. We just wanted to get set up.. They offered us another site for the night and told us we could move into ours either when the folks returned or next morning. We decided to hook up in the replacement site. We had now been waiting 3 hours!   We went ahead and had our happy hour with our friends. When the folks returned they didn’t even apologize, they just hooked up. The office had suggested they pay us for the night which they did, after we asked.  We still couldn’t believe they didn’t seem sorry. She mumbled something like this has happened to us before.. Well then, they should have known better. All we were really looking for was a Big Sorry….It takes all kinds… Anyway, it didn’t keep us from having a good night with friends. In this beautiful place there is no way, one could stay mad…

Next morning, we moved to our spot, nestled between Mac and Netters and Lisa, Tony, Rick and Tez..

Defeated Creek, Tn 030

This is our site…

Defeated Creek, Tn 032

This is out in back of our site…

Defeated Creek, Tn 024 Defeated Creek, Tn 023

Here are a few of the gang….

Defeated Creek, Tn 041

Defeated Creek, Tn 044 Defeated Creek, Tn 043  Defeated Creek, Tn 042

Defeated Creek, Tn 045

This is how we end our day…(before we have our campfire)

Defeated Creek, Tn 049

It just doesn’t get better then this…Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and absolutely wonderful, fun friends!!!!!

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