Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Hate To See It End

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we have enjoyed our time at Defeated Creek. The weather has been a 10 (except for one night) the scenery also a 10 and definatley the campground a 10. But the main factor is the friends we have spent our time with.   Some we have known and others that we got to meet for the first time. Everyone blended well…. It has been a nice relaxing time spent chatting, laughing, playing cards, eating, and campfires.  We had a  few field trips, one an all girls day out, one for a scenic tour and lunch at a chinese restaurant, and one to the Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, where the first one opened.

When Kevin & I left Ma in 2000, we knew that fall in New England would be hard to give up.  That is our favorite time of year. Well we got a glimpse of what we have been missing while in Tn.

Tn Scenery 110

Defeated Creek Tn 036

Tn Scenery 159


Looking out our back window…

Defeated Creek 050 

Defeated Creek 052

Fog over the lake early morning….

Defeated Creek 018

Kevin even got to fish for the first time.. (picture borrowed from John and Sandy)   Tony had a friend take them out…IMG_9576

Guess he liked it..

Defeated Creek Tn 009

Doesn’t everyone look serious when food arrives….

Defeated Creek Tn 003

Defeated Creek Tn 002

Our hosts… Lisa and Tony and their family

Defeated Creek Tn 025

Defeated Creek Tn 024

Defeated Creek Tn 027

We can’t thank Lisa and Tony enough for all they did to make this all come together. We sure hope this will be an annual event.

And as always a beautiful end to another perfect day..

Defeated Creek Tn 015

Next stop Florida………..


Sandra said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!

Gypsy said...

I miss the colors of autumn this year. Glad you got a reminder of what they are like.

Jim and Dee said...

What great beauty. See you in Fla? We'll be there from Nov 1 - April 31. I'll contact you.

Paul and Mary said...

Very nice!!!! You've inspired me to start sorting through my Defeated pics. Have fun in FL!

John and Sandy said...

What a great post!!! We had such a good time and it was very hard to leave this morning, but we look forward to seeing everyone again somewhere someday. Have a great time in FL, and hopefully we will see you guys this winter.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Aw sure looks like a wonderful time! And how fitting the last picture of a lovely sunset. Thanks for sharing!

Karen and Steve
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