Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arriving at Mountain Home AFB, Id

Heading to Mountain Home, Id 003

We arrived in Idaho early Sunday afternoon.  We pulled in right next to Chuck & Kathy,  and they were there to greet us. After setting up, we sat outside catching up.  Kathy went  in to prepare dinner. She had cooked a wonderful crab casserole. We were both very excited, as we love crab. It was fantastic, along with the caeser salad and yummy bread and great dessert.  Can’t thank them enough.. We all headed into our homes and we relaxed the rest of the night.

Monday, Kevin & Chuck headed out to play golf. Kathy & I went shopping on base. I was looking for a new toaster oven, as my oven part stopped working. Couldn’t find what I wanted. We planned on grocery shopping but the commissary is closed on Monday’s.  We then drove to the golf course for lunch, and wait for the guys to finish up.  We once again sat outside enjoying the nice weather until 9ish.

Tuesday, we thought we would see a bit of the area..

These are suppose to be the biggest sand dunes in the US..

Heading to Mountain Home, Id 006 Heading to Mountain Home, Id 008

Wasn’t much to see and it didn’t take very long, so we headed into Boise to do a few errands. We stopped at Costco and did some shopping and had lunch.  In the evening, Chuck came over to watch the baseball all star game with Kevin.

Wednesday, we headed out to get an oil change and do our big shopping at the commissary. Since we are headed up to Island Park on Monday for a month, we wanted to stock up, since the stores will be small in the area.   Kathy & Chuck grilled some yummy salmon for dinner.  After dinner we played cards and I didn’t win a one!!

Today the guys went out to play golf again. Once again Kathy & I went shopping for a few more things.  I am cooking dinner tonight, so we chatted while I prepared. Friends of their’s, that they met in the Valley this winter, came for a visit and joined us for dinner.

We are suppose to stay here in Mountain Home until Sunday but since there is not much to do, we have made other plans. Hope they are better, lol..  We will be a rolling in the morning….

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Jenny Johnson said...

You should take a trip to Idaho City ---an old ghost town -- there is also hot springs ther you can sit in....have fun!!