Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting Settled and My Day Out

We have moved to Stub Stewart State Park, about 30 miles west of Portland, Or.  Nice park, with full hookups and very large site. We will stay here until Tuesday. DSC_0001



Today I needed a day out.. Retail Therapy was in the plan. It has been way to long, since I have been in a nice big department store. While we were in Astoria, I was excited because they had a JC Penny. Well, it was very old, just like the city. It reminded me of the department store  Gilchrest, we had in the city I grew up in.  The floors creek when you walk, and had to walk up stairs to the next level.  Yup, it was that old and not a very good selection. Anyway, it was time for some shopping, I was out of makeup.  I headed to Portland and a very nice mall. I spent several hours browsing and picking up a few things. When I had enough of that, I drove a few miles to Trader Joe’s. Think it will be quite awhile before hitting another one of those. Good thing, because  I don’t have enough space to store anymore two buck chuck and granola bars!  After a stop, at Safeway for grocery’s, I headed home.

The weather is wonderful and we  are finally in warm weather, at least for now. We will just be relaxing while here.  Kevin worked at cleaning the outside of the RV today. He hurt his shoulder, so he will take it easy for a few days.

Our next stop will take us to the gorge, where we hope to tour the waterfalls, weather permitting.  We are slowly working our way towards Idaho, to meet up with friends and spend a month touring Yellowstone. 

Everyone have a Safe and Happy 4th!!


Debbie and Rod said...

You will LOVE the waterfalls!

Deb & Rod

squawmama said...

Glad you got to get in some retail therapy... Always a good thing!
Have fun & Travel safe