Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Out to Explore Hood and Columbia River Area

Once we got settled yesterday, we were off…We headed to the Fruit Loop, which is part of the Hood River Valley.  The loop was established in 1992. It was a way for the local orchards to promote their farm stands. However it is made up primarily of apples and pears. They of course are not in season, so many of the stands are closed. It has changed over the years and has  now added  vineyards and wineries, nut and berry farms, and lavender fields.

Up ahead Mt Hood….

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 054  

We stopped at Packer Family Orchards & Bakery…

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 058

The fruit room only selling cherries, at this time… but the bakery, had lots of homemade cookies, tough deciding which to buy. Kevin bought a scoop of ice cream and I had to pull him away from the little pies, they were selling. We still have pie!

The next stop was at the Hood River Lavender Farm… Where you can see Mt Hood from one side and Mt Adams from the other…

Mt Hood…

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 062

Mt Adams…

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 068

  Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 066

They grow 70 varieties of lavender and you can pick your own bouquet..

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 065

I bought a bouquet to hang in the bedroom. We even bought some lavender oil for Kevin to sniff, to see if it helps him sleep!

After making the entire loop, we ended up downtown Mt Hood. We stopped to pick up a small pizza and sandwich. When we came out, we had a ticket for our tire touching the white line!! Guess they have to make their money on us, out of state guys..

Drive to Columbia River Gorge, Or 085 

Later in the evening I took a walk around the campground…

Our site..

Touring the Gorge (waterfalls), Or 001

Our view of the Columbia River..Touring the Gorge (waterfalls), Or 006 

More to come later…

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