Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twin Falls, Id

We had all decided there just wasn’t much to do around Mountain Home, so Kathy made us reservations for a park near Twin Falls. It really sounded good. We all packed up and headed out on Friday morning.

Twin Falls, Id 003 Twin Falls, Id 009

When we arrived and went in the office, the music in there was so loud it was deafening. This park has a huge mineral water pool, which was the draw for us. We imagined ourselves sitting in the nice mineral water relaxing! Well, one look and we knew that wasn’t  happening.. Beside the blasting music, it was loaded with kids.  You have to pay $5 to use the pool and for the most part, it is used by day users.  We proceeded to our site, where we had to make some adjustments with the way they wanted us to park. Don’t think they are used to these big homes in here. It is mostly smaller tt and tents.  Luckily we are in the back so we aren’t surrounded on all sides.

Yesterday, we started out in different directions, but with a plan to meet at the visitors center.  This is the spot of the Snake River Gorge…The Snake River starts in Yellowstone NP and travels over 1,000 miles until it merges with the Columbia River in the state of Washington…

Twin Falls, Id 015

Notice the golf course in the midst of the beauty.. 

Twin Falls, Id 019  

The IB Perinne Bridge, the only manmade structure, that allows you to jump from a height of 486 ft without a permit into the river….Unfortunately, no jumps while we were there.

Twin Falls, Id 018

After lunch we were off to see some waterfalls….

Twin Falls, Id 025  Twin Falls, Id 077 Twin Falls, Id 081

But the best was Shoshone Falls, named the “Niagara of the West”. At 212 ft, it is taller than Niagara Falls.

Twin Falls, Id 038 Twin Falls, Id 046  Twin Falls, Id 052   

You can see the rainbows at the bottom….

Twin Falls, Id 055 Twin Falls, Id 057

It was spectacular!

We started back to the park and Kevin noticed a car show going on..

Twin Falls, Id 101

Twin Falls, Id 091

Back at the park, Chuck and Kevin watched golf and Kathy & I sat outside for our happy hour, enjoying a nice breeze…

That ended another very enjoyable day with friends…

Twin Falls, Id 013


Tomorrow we head to Island Park for the month to meet up with more good friends, meet new ones,  and to explore Yellowstone NP..  LIG


Jenny Johnson said...

Glad to see photos of the Falls---and that there was water goiing over them --sometimes there's not!!Loved the photos --

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice pictures of the falls. We really enjoyed our stop there.