Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time to Move

Our drive from Pendleton to Ontario was another easy drive.

Driving through the Cascades is a pretty one…


Pendleton to Ontaria Or 004

Trains…Pendleton to Ontaria Or 008  

Snow…Pendleton to Ontaria Or 022

   Little towns… 

Pendleton to Ontaria Or 034 

  Lots of farms…Pendleton to Ontaria Or 033


We entered Mountain Time but only for a few minutes.  We exited to get to the campground and we were back in Pacific Time..

We are at Farewell Bend State Park. It is on the Brownlee Reservoir and Snake River. Very pretty park but only 30amp and no sewer.

Pendleton to Ontaria Or 048

The sites all seem to have a view of the water..

This is from our site..

Pendleton to Ontaria Or 050

We are liking the convenience of these state parks. Right off the highway.  I would recommend any of the Oregon State Parks to those travelling this way.  They seem to really take pride in them.

We entered Oregon May 1st, guess it’s about time we move on to another state…Idaho here we come!!  We will be meeting up with Chuck and Kathy Donley tomorrow at Mountain Home AFB,  for a week..From then on, we will be travelling with friends. How fun!!


Sandra said...

You've had such a lovely time in Oregon and taken some great photos. Oregon is definitely one of the most beautiful states in the US!

Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

We just gotta get out west!!! Beautiful pics.

Jim and Dee said...

How fun meeting up with the "gang". Great views and glad to know there's so many military bases that are cared for, we'll be out that way next summer. (If all goes well). Have fun with everyone.