Friday, February 12, 2010

Cooler Temps in the Valley

Wow, how the weather changes. I guess we can’t complain, since alot of the country is much colder right now, brrrr.

Tuesday, we hung out in the RV all day. I got caught up on paper work.  We did go out long enough for me to fax something to our realtor and a quick stop for a few grocery’s..

Wednesday, Lynette and Greg picked us up and we headed  back to the flea market. Lynette and I had a few exchanges to make and roamed around looking at a few other things.  We then headed to a chinese buffet, which covered lunch and dinner for the day…

Thursday I dropped Kevin off at McAllen airport for a flight to Houston for a few days. He agreed to babysit for our grandkids while my daughter and her husband do their mandatory training for the airline.  He will be back Monday night, I hope..   After dropping him off, I stopped at ULTA for some makeup and while there got a haircut. That is one aspect of fulltiming that I worry about..haircuts. It was okay, but hope I can hold out on my next one til I’m home again in April.   Once home, I made a pot of loaded potato soup and settled in for a quiet night.

Today Friday, we had a plan.. Greg, Lynette, Donna, Nolan, Dortha, Mark and I headed over to Mexico for some shopping. It was my first time to Progresso. Lots of “stuff”.  I picked up a few drugs, dvd’s, nuts, vanilla, and a few pieces of pottery. We had lunch of course.

 Trip to Mexico 001

We chose to park on the US side and walk across the bridge.

Trip to Mexico 002

Trip to Mexico 005

The line heading back to the US was long,Trip to Mexico 006

Trip to Mexico 007

but we made it…  Since Kevin wasn’t here today, I imagine he and I will make a trip back perhaps next week.

More fun is in the plans for tomorrow……

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