Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl and South Padre

More fun…. Sunday Mac, Netters, Donna, Nolan and I headed to the flea market for several hours. It was my first time there, and  I’m sure, not to be the last.  Bargains galore, but where to put it all.. I just got finished getting rid of stuff, lol.

Then the Super Bowl at Mark and Dortha’s.  We had great food, chicken and beef tacos cooked up by Mark and Rod. Yummm  and a great frozen drink put together by Dortha.  The rest of us provided the sides. 

Texas Winter 2010 025

Texas Winter 2010 024Texas Winter 2010 023

Texas Winter 2010 021

Texas Winter 2010 022

It was a good game and I think everyone was happy with the outcome!   Now time to plan for Monday’s adventure.

Monday was forecasted to be the last nice day of the week, so the plan was to take off for South Padre Island.  I have been looking forward to seeing this area and check out the beach. Donna and Nolan picked us up and Dortha and Mark picked up Lynette and Greg and off we went………First stop of course was for food!  Dirty Al’s was the place.  The shrimp and fish were very good. Next stop the Market Days at the convention center.  We spent some time browsing, and yes, buying a few things.  Now time to see the BEACH!

Texas Winter 2010 027 Texas Winter 2010 026

I took lots of pictures at the beach and they didn’t come out, lol. It was nice, and pretty clean, but of course can’t compare to the Florida beaches we are used to.. Driving on the beach is pretty cool though..

Nolan took us on the scenic route on our drive back to the park. Lots and lots of farm land and we were bordering Mexico and this border fence, a good part of the way.

Texas Winter 2010 028


Another great time spent with great friends!!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Curious... that shot with the TV on the side of the motorhome. Is that an inside tv that is just turned to the outside through a window? Or a specific tv for the outside of the rig? tell us more!

Karen and Steve