Friday, February 5, 2010

More Fun With Friends

Thursday was a lazy morning. I did manage by afternoon to gather the laundry and head to the laundry room. I do not like this task.. While the clothes were in the dryer I headed over to visit with Lynette and Greg aka Netters and Mac.. We had plans for the evening and they sounded good. The guys drove over to Pharr to pick up tickets for the Taste of the Valley. Alot of restaurants gathered to let us sample their food. For $10 you get to eat all you want.. lol.. We headed out to be there for the 6pm opening. Wow, the line was around the whole building. This did not look good.  And it wasn’t… It was absolute craziness once  in there. Too many people for a small space and not organized at all. After tasting just a few goodies, we all decided we had it and headed to Rudy’s for barbecue.  Food was good and had a good time once again with friends.

Winter 2010 007

Today is a beautiful day. Sun is shining and it is warm. I headed to the 1pm water aerobics at the pool. There were about 10 of us and it was very refreshing. I thought Donna would be there, but she was a no show.

About 4pm we headed over to Donna and Nolan’s for a barbecue.  It was yummy..  We followed up with ladder golf. This was a first for us and we had alot of laughs.

Winter 2010 008

Winter 2010 010

Tomorrow is sounding like another fun filled day as we all gather for a river cruise and lunch.

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Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for taking us along. Nice seeing no heavy coats.