Sunday, February 21, 2010

Report from the Valley

Kevin returned home on Monday night. He arrived with a bad cold. He was not feeling well at all.  He was very happy to hit the sofa and veg out in front of the tv.

  Tuesday we had plans to attend a potluck for Heartland owners at Retama Village, but he just was not up to it. I made him chicken soup and he was probably happy to see me head out for the evening. 

Wednesday, feeling a little better, we decided to head to the flea market with everyone.  We had a few things we wanted to pick up, but didn’t stay too long.  After the shopping was completed, we all met up at Jason’s Deli for lunch.

Thursday we had a Heartland Owners appreciation luncheon at a dealer in Donna, Tx.  We were allowed to bring along guests, so Mark, Dortha, Nolan and Donna came along with us, Lynette and Greg.  We viewed new 5th wheels, had a lunch of burgers, hot dogs and the fixings.  The raffle’s were held and Lynette & Greg won a gift certificate to Walmart  and we won a  $25 certificate for the dealership we were at.  The girls wanted to do a bit of shopping, so we sent the guys on their way and we were off.  We stopped at a few stores and then headed to Olive Garden for dessert. Yummy!

Friday, Kevin and I had plans to get up early and head into Mexico.  I wanted to see a dentist.  Well it was pouring rain when we woke, so opted out of this plan.  One of the reasons we were heading to the Valley this winter was for me to have some dental work done.  We have been so busy visiting, playing  and eating, I just haven’t taken the time to have it done.  I hope we get a chance for me to at  least go for a cleaning.   We had a lazy morning and I made a grocery run in the afternoon.  Late afternoon Lynette and Greg, had a visitor. Paul and Mary had dropped in.  Mary aka Nat, is a regular in our chatroom but I have never had the pleasure of meeting before.  So of course I walked on over. It was so great to get to meet finally.  They are a really neat couple and hope we get to spend some more time with them before we leave the Valley.

Saturday, was a beautiful sun shiny day. We had asked everyone over here for a Happy Hour.  We had hoped to play some shuffleboard but there were others on the court.  We had a nice time visiting once again.  And of course there was also food!!

Winter in Tx 2010 016

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