Monday, February 15, 2010


Saturday I woke to a pretty nice day. The sun was out and the temps seemed ok. I did a grocery run to pick up some food for the planned cookout this afternoon.

About 2pm we all gathered at Mac and Netters.. The girls were sitting inside and the guys hung around outside.  Once the grill was fired up and the cooking began, we moved out to eat.  The wind moved in and it really started cooling off.  We couldn’t wait to head in again.  Alot of chatting and comparing travels. We had  a great time.

Winter in Tx 2010 003

Winter in Tx 2010 004

Winter in Tx 2010 005

Winter in Tx 2010 006

Sunday was a perfect day.. The temps reached 78. No plans today. Everyone was happy to just chill with no plans. I had to finally go to do the laundry. I put if off for so long but I was at the point I could no longer wait. Once there, it really wasn’t bad. You really do meet alot of nice people in the laundry room.  Good for another week now!

I cooked myself some dinner and settled in to watch the olympics

At midnight last night the wind really picked up. So much that I had to get up and look outside.  Our patio rug was rolling around in a ball. Several things had blown over but no damage.  This morning  the temps are 20 degrees cooler than yesterday but at least the sun is out. The wind is around but not nearly as bad as last night. 

Today we were suppose to have a girls day out. It ended up being just Dortha and I.  Lynette and Donna were not feeling well and Kathy had plans to play bridge.  Soooo, the two of us took off to have pedicures. When finished we headed over to Jasons Deli for lunch.  Our piggies were cold but feeling much better with the new color!

Soon I will head to  Harlingen to pick Kevin up. He is heading back from babysitting in Houston.  He is not feeling good at all, but I told him he better get back here!  I actually did pretty well being alone, sure helped having friends to hang out with. It will be good to have him back here though. I miss him when he is gone!

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