Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dentist/More Eating with Friends

As I have mentioned before, the original reason for us coming to the RGV this year, was for me to have some dental work done. I don’t have dental insurance. My teeth are very weak and I have many fillings that are getting old, like me. I know I need crowns. Well because of all the fun, I haven’t made it to Mexico, that is until Tuesday. Kevin & I got up early and were across the border and at the dental office at 8:10am. I was told to be there when they opened at 8am. There were 18 people in the waiting room! I figured I was in for a long wait. I was wrong, I was called within 10 minutes. I got me teeth cleaned and then a dentist came in to do the exam. He told me the fillings are turning color and seeping.. and that I need to have crowns , 12 of them to be exact. I tried to ask him which ones were more important to have done first but he never really gave me a straight answer. He also told me I need to allow 3 weeks from start to finish. Oh well, we are leaving on Monday so that takes care of that.  I will have to take care of this another time and hopefully they don’t break before that time comes. My visit cost $20.. The crowns cost $170 each, a significant reduction in US prices.. This dentist was referred to me by a friend of a friend.. and by looking at the waiting room, he must be good. It is a very large practice and the office spotless..

Since we had been up early two days in a row, Wednesday was my day to relax. I took my time getting up and just surfed the computer for most of the morning. We did do a grocery run early afternoon.  Late afternoon we picked up Mac and Netters and headed for an early bird dinner at Texas Roadhouse. What a business they have, the place was packed a little after 4pm.  We all had a good meal.   We relaxed for the rest of the night watching the Olympics.

Today is sunny but very windy. We are going to Chuck and Kathy’s late afternoon for a going away party for all of us leaving the Valley.. Kathy has reserved the picnic area at their park so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we don’t all blow away.

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