Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to Work

Ok, I know I’m not suppose to say the w**k word anymore.  But this is fun.. We just got finished doing our 3 days here at Topsail. Although our days are long, we start at 8:30 and finish at 5:30, we don’t mind.  Our tram run is every hour to the beach  and in between the runs we blow off the sites as rv’s pull out. We then report to the office who has left.  By afternoon the sites are all done and we just stop back at our rv in between our runs.  We love meeting all the people we drive to the beach. Our schedule is great this month. Work 3 days and have 6 off.  Not bad at all…..

Thursday was a sunny beautiful day. We headed to the beach for several hours.  The sand was so white and soft and the water such a beautiful green color.  We just have to keep our fingers crossed that the oil slick doesn’t reach us.  What a shame if this beautiful place was ruined. It’s just hard to imagine…

Friday is another beautiful day. I have things to be done though. Shopping, laundry..neither of which I enjoy.  Done now and will have time to hang outside and maybe read a book.

We decided to take a drive down the road to one of the other beaches.   This is what we found….

2010 Topsail 008

They are preparing for the oil slick with these large rolls of hay..

2010 Topsail 012

They were loading this cement to bring down to the beach..

2010 Topsail 015

What a shame that in a few days, this may all look so different.

 2010 Topsail 013

2010 Topsail 009

I am  thinking LSU fans live in this beach house..

2010 Topsail 006


We may be travelling tomorrow to Houston for a few days. Will most likely fly out early afternoon and return Monday night. I will get to spend Mothers Day with my grandsons..


DennyMa said...
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Diana, Eric, and kids said...

We are followers via RV There Yet.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Looks like a great job for 3 days on and 6 days off. Hope the oil doesn't come to those pristine white beaches... crossing fingers that they will be spared

Karen and Steve
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